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Dr. of Performance Psychology, EdD, MS in Kinesiology

Meet Dr. Toby, your dedicated mental performance coach and cognitive consultant. With a Doctorate in Performance Psychology (EdD) and a Master's Degree in Kinesiology, Dr. Toby has the expertise, experience, and passion to help high-achievers like you unlock your full potential.

Dr. Toby's journey began as a high school math teacher and coach, where his curiosity about creating experts was sparked. From there, he pursued his Masters in Kinesiology, focusing on how we learn and perform. His EdD in Performance Psychology further elevated his knowledge, making him an expert in the field.

Over the past decade, Dr. Toby has worked with Elite MMA Fighters, Ski Teams, Jiujitsu practitioners, and numerous business leaders. As an experienced educator and practitioner, he combines evidence-based techniques with a background in teaching to deliver transformative results for his clients.

Dr. Toby's coaching philosophy is tailored to the unique needs and desires of each client. Through an initial interview session, he will work with you to determine the best path forward. Whether you're an athlete seeking improvement or an executive conquering the fear of failure, Dr. Toby's proven methods can help you achieve your goals.

For athletes, he may employ visualization, mantras, and performance routines to enhance mental strength. Executives can benefit from mindfulness, reflections, and value exercises to overcome their fears. Those undertaking lifestyle changes will receive support through daily goal-setting, accountability, and improvements to their inner dialogue. No matter your pursuit, Dr. Toby will guide you to the right mindset, attention, and readiness to perform.

As a dedicated mental performance coach, Dr. Toby promises to help you make progress towards your goals. He will treat you with the belief and respect every high performer deserves, while maintaining realistically ambitious goals and providing complete confidentiality.

If you're ready to reach the top of your field and become the best version of yourself, Dr. Toby is the expert mental performance coach you've been seeking. With his qualifications as a Cognitive Consultant, Dr. of Performance Psychology, EdD, and MS in Kinesiology, you can trust that you're in the hands of a true expert.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. The truth is you're stuck. By taking action today, you can become the version of yourself that you know you're capable of being. You just need a guide. It's time to unlock your potential and break through everything that's been holding you back from living the life you know you deserve.
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