Master Your Focus & Redefine Your Limits

Dr. of Performance Psychology, EdD, MS in Kinesiology

Work With a Mental Performance Coach Who Will Help You:

  • Master your focus.

  • Push Your Limits.

  • Clarify Your Goals

  • Achieve Your Most Challenging Goals

  • Unlock Your Next Level of Performance.

  • Own Your Future.

Tell me if any of this resonates with you...


You're Ready For a Change In Your Life


You Understand That You Deserve More Than You Have Now


You Feel Like You're Holding Yourself Back


You're Ready To Achieve Next-Level Success


You Want To Live Life On Your Own Terms

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

You're not alone, as countless high-performance professionals and athletes grapple with the same challenges.

Meet Dr. Toby

Meet Dr. Toby

Hi! I'm Dr. Toby. I help high-achievers become the heroes of their own stories.

For the past decade, I've committed my life to helping high performers realize their innate potential and navigate themselves to heights previously out of reach.

In that time, I've worked with:

  • Elite MMA fighters

  • Ski Teams

  • Jiujitsu Practitioners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business Leaders

My mastery of mental skills started as a high school coach and math teacher. I wanted to understand how to help my athletes and students achieve their dreams. How does one become a master of their own mind to unlock their full potential?

With a focus on the science of skill acquisition and the psychology of performance, I embarked on my doctoral journey. While earning my Masters in Kinesiology, how we learn and how we perform were the two questions I began to answer. Committed to mastering my role as a mental guide, I earned my EdD in performance psychology to become an expert in skill psychology.

Every technique I use is evidence-based. Having been a skilled educator before mastering the psychology of mental performance, I have found that guiding high-performers to becoming the best versions of themselves has proven to be effective and fulfilling. My expertise has enabled numerous performers, athletes, and business leaders to reach the top of their fields. We work together to develop sustainable growth using mental tools that bridge the gap to your goals that once felt out of reach.

Having helped hundreds of people as a practitioner, I help high-performers seeking the tools and guidance required, unlock their next levels of performance!

“With my degrees in Kinesiology and Performance Psychology, I focus on all mental aspects of high-performance execution.” – Dr. Toby Larson

The MOST CONVENIENT Coaching Approach

Literally. Phone, Zoom, In-person, hybrid, WHATEVER works best!

Zoom / Facetime

In-person / On-site

Phone Calls

Zoom / Facetime

In-person / On-site

Phone Calls

Insanity is doing the same thing, expecting different results...

Nothing changes if nothing changes

  • Take no action. Continue with the results you've been getting.

  • Time is valuable. Keep wasting time "trying to figure it out".

  • Listen to unqualified "gurus". Ignore that there is a QUALIFIED DOCTOR of Performance Psychology who has ALL the ANSWERS to YOUR PROBLEMS.

  • Stay where you're at - Exhausted, Disappointed, Left knowing you CAN but just don't know HOW.

Your NEW Future is ONE Call Away

How It Works


Crystalize Your Vision: Identify your most ambitious goals and desired lifestyle changes. By pinpointing exactly what you want to achieve or add to your life, we'll create a tailored roadmap to success.


Tackle the Roadblocks: Every high-achiever has faced obstacles that seem insurmountable. I'll help you dissect these barriers, uncovering the reasons why you haven't been able to overcome them on your own. This deep analysis will pave the way for growth and transformation.


Master the Winning Techniques: Through a combination of cutting-edge techniques, such as visualization, mindfulness, and daily journaling exercises, you'll learn to conquer each obstacle with confidence. I'll provide you with personalized strategies to turn roadblocks into opportunities for success.


Adopt a Goal-Crushing Mindset: With continuous identification of new targets and laser-focused clarity, I'll leverage my experience to keep you motivated and knowledgeable about the direction you're heading. As you progress, you'll peel back the layers of your inner potential, much like an ever-expanding onion.


Reflective Accountability: To ensure your success, I'll provide unwavering support and accountability throughout every step of your journey. Regularly reflecting on your progress and making necessary adjustments will build unstoppable momentum toward your goals.

Are You Ready To:

  • Master your focus

  • Push Your Limits

  • Clarify Your Goals

  • Achieve Your Most Challenging Goals

  • Unlock Your Next Level of Performance

  • Own Your Future

Become Your Full Potential Today

Video Testimonials

More Client Testimonials

"Dr. Larson has been a pillar of support for me as a professional MMA fighter. After a sparring session he helped me with some advice to focus on “intensity without being tense” and gave me a few helpful suggestions on how to do that. Before every fight and sparring session I repeat that to myself and it’s been incredibly beneficial. He’s professional, competent, hardworking and compassionate. Highly recommend."


Professional MMA Fighter

“You have already done more than any person I have worked with in the past.”


Medical Sales Executive

"Toby has provided support & thoughtful best practices for helping me scale my business while maintaining the right mindset."


Executive Producer & Entrepreneur

"You provide me the ability to have personal insights that fundamentally change my perspectives and help me grow as a person."



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